Meet The Owner and Newborn Care Specialist

Chevelle Frederick

Hi My Name is Chevelle!

I am a Newborn Care Specialist (also known as a Night Nanny/Baby Nurse) who helps families with overnight care while parents get much needed rest.  Babies are my passion!  While I value working with all children, I especially love working with infants and have decided to dedicate my career to this field of expertise.  My goal is to help families feel more comfortable, confident, and capable in caring for their precious newborn.  I enjoy doing this by educating new parents on basic care, teaching them coping skills, demonstrating techniques, instilling the importance of schedules and routines, and by simply offering support during a new and exciting time!  In addition to being a professional nanny and mother myself, my experience as an NCS includes working with singletons and multiples as well as volunteering as a hospital Cuddler in the NICU with newborns. How can I help your family?