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Congratulations on your new baby!  What a sweet time to savor the joy your little one will bring.  The whirlwind of visitors, offset schedules and sheer emotions is enough to leave you exhausted.  Now factor in middle of the night feedings, crying spells (the baby AND you!) along with a little anxiety, and you can find yourself desperate for help!  Well, that’s where The Baby Help comes in because we’re in this together!  We offer complete overnight baby care (so you can get some rest), gentle sleep coaching, breastfeeding support and more! Let us help you worry less and feel more empowered as you transition into this journey called parenthood.


Peace of Mind

“Thank you for helping us get through our first month as a new family.  You’ve been invaluable in helping us to get this far, while maintaining some resemblance of sanity.  We are eternally grateful for your time, your guidance and your care for our boys.  Thank you for everything.”

– Steve and Sara E.